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KGI DESTINATION the worst membership you could apply for. i do not recommend this company to no body They are the worst liers you would ever ecounter.

They totally doing scam to customers. i never used after aing over $1000 dollar and also they treaten people to mess up there credit history. Dont fall for this company hey will play you big time for your money.

I would rather to use Priceline which is the best!

KGI doesnt allow you to canvel memebership and they put you to sleep while youi are doing their orientation so you could sign the contract whuich they never explained to me with details. DONT FALL FOR THIS COMPANY THEY ARE LIERS....

This reviewer shared experience about "they play me for my money" and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $1000. Marilyn03 is overall dissatisfied with Kgi Resorts. The most disappointing about kgi resorts membership at Kgi Resorts was how they lie to the customers Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I have the same problem; they offered me 11 weeks of vacation free; on those weeks I just have to pay taxes for the resorts and maintenance fee ones a year.I paid $12,500 for it.

Then they didn't respect that they said; they gave me just one week for my money and I have to pay the maintenance every year for a lot of money, so everything is a lie. Do you have resolve your problem? If yes let me know how?

Because I need fix my.Thanks

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #1254797

How did you cancel your memebership?

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #1215063

Omg they have most certainly lied and sold me this *** of a vacation package and I think I might want to shop around and try to find a lawyer to see if I can get out of this deal

to Cheryl F #1309901

just left a pesentation, I told them NO NO and *** NO. I figured that there was more to it when they kept trying to push it on me.

First the salesman then his " Manager" to offer me a better deal. LMAO

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